Escher Chronicles


Avant garde music composer and improviser Sevket Akinci has composed pieces inspired on the drawings of M. C. Escher. These pieces are performed by the Hezarfen Ensemble and conducted by Orhun Orhon. Sevket Akinci has asked Eva Hoogland to speak and improvise on several of these compositions. The result can be heard on the album Escher Chronicles, available in stores in Turkey, on iTunes and Spotify. The cd release concert will be at the Borusan Music House, on April the 20th.




Wolter Wierbos Trombone

Oguz Büyükberber Bass clarinet

Eva Hoogland voice

Korhan Erel Electronics

Gülsah Erol Cello

Giray Gürkal electric guitar and baglama



Turkish psychedelic folk music band, frequently playing at De Ruimte in Amsterdam


John Dikeman Saxophone

Oscan Jan Hoogland Keys

Eva Hoogland Voice

Giray Gürkal Bass

Thijs Elzinga Guitar

Fabio Galeazzi Drums


Traditional Anatolian music duo Hoogland/ Gürkal


Eva Hoogland Voice

Giray Gürkal Bağlama and Fretless guitar

Eva Hoogland Impro Ensemble


Renato Ferreira Doublebass

Giray Gürkal Baglama and Fretless guitar

Eva Hoogland Voice

Sarah Claman Violin

Pau Sola Masafrets Cello

Miriam Den Boer Salmón Violin


Trio Oscar Jan Hoogland, Eva Hoogland, Giray Gürkal


Oscar Jan Hoogland Record players and Keys

Eva Hoogland Voice

Giray Gürkal Fretless guitar


Solo voice and baglama

Eva Hoogland Voice and Üctelli baglama